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Your trusted Oncologists in Ettelbruck


Our doctors are specialized and well trained in oncology, hematology and palliative care and do have a holistic and multidisciplinary approach.

We are always at your disposal and accompany you throughout your patient journey by ensuring that your care is according to the latest scientific data and focused on your medical, paramedical and psychosocial needs.


Dr. Frank Jacob

Graduate in internal medicine, oncology and palliative care.
Graduate in molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry, human biology and biochemical methods.

Professional path


Graduated from the University Louis Pasteur of Strasbourg I (1990), the Free University of Brussels (1995), the University of Nancy I (1985) and the ÖÄK (Vienna 2003).

Training in medical oncology at the Jules Bordet Institute in Brussels Cancer Center (Pr. Dominique Bron, Pr. Martine Piccart, Pr. Jean Klastersky) and at the CHL (Pr. Mario Dicato) and laboratory training at the IGBMC INSERM/CNRS in Strasbourg

(Pr. Pierre Chambon).


He contributed to the understanding of hormonal regulation of genomic expression via the characterisation of the progesterone receptor genes and the estrogen-dependent protein pS2, which was the subject of his doctoral thesis in medicine. In collaboration with the genetic engineering company Appligene he was able to clone the restriction endonuclease gene from the eubacterium Thermus aquaticus.

Since 1995 Dr. Frank Jacob has been an internist with a focus on general oncology at the CHdN / Clinique St Louis in Ettelbruck. There he developed the oncology-immunotherapy department and co-initiated the mobile home palliative care unit with the nursing department.

He chaired the medical board of the Clinique St Louis and was or is a director of the AMMD, the Hellef Doheem Foundation and the Omega90 association.

He is co-founder of the Société Luxembourgeoise d'Oncologie (SLO) and of the Association Luxembourgeoise de Médecine Palliative (ALMP).


Professional path

Graduate of Saarland University (2011). Training in internal medicine, medical haematology and oncology at Saarland University Hospital (UKS).


Teaching and research activities at Saarland University Hospital since 2012, doctorate with magna cum laude in 2013, habilitation and award of venia legendi in internal medicine in 2023.


Author and co-author of over 35 original scientific papers.


Internist since 2017, haematologist and oncologist since 2020. Dr Kaddu-Mulindwa was medical director of the internal emergency department of Saarland University Hospital from 2017-2019 and has been a senior physician in the Department of Oncology, Haematology, Clinical Immunology and Rheumatology (Internal Medicine I) at the UKS since 2017.


He has also headed the HIV outpatient clinic of the Clinic for Internal Medicine I since 2017 and, as centre coordinator, ensured the clinic's certification as a centre for haematological neoplasms.

He holds additional qualifications in emergency medicine, clinical acute and emergency medicine and palliative medicine and is an antibiotic stewardship expert.


He is a member of various national and international professional societies and worked for many years as an investigator for clinical trials. As part of this, he has headed the clinical study office of the Clinic for Internal Medicine I (UKS) since 2020.

He has the further training authorisation of the Saarland Medical Association in the subject of internal medicine (18 months) and haematology / oncology (12 months).

Since July 2020, he has been the managing senior physician at the Clinic for Internal Medicine I (UKS) and has been working as an oncologist and haematologist at the CHdN /Clinique St Louis in Ettelbruck with his colleagues Dr Claude Schalbar and Dr Frank Jacob since October 2021.


Dr. Claude Schalbar

Graduate in internal medicine, medical hematology

and oncology.
Qualifications in emergency and palliative medicine. 

Professional path

Graduated from the Catholic University of Leuven (2008). Training in internal medicine, medical haematology and oncology at the University Hospital of Saarland (UKS).

Teaching and research activities at Saarland University Hospital between 2008 and 2015.

Internist, medical haematologist and oncologist since February 2015, Dr. Schalbar practised one year at the Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg.


Since June 2016, Dr. Schalbar has been working as an internist, haematologist and oncologist at the Centre Hospitalier du Nord in Ettelbruck.

He is a member of the medical board of the Centre Hospitalier du Nord and a member of the scientific board of the Centre Baclesse.

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