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Specialists in Oncology/
Cancer Medicine, Haematology and Palliative Medicine


Our therapeutic and palliative strategies are based on scientific evidence. 

We communicate them clearly and transparently with our patients and the health professionals (general practitioners, case managers, nurses...) who accompany them.



We are in charge of the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of cancerous diseases in adults. This includes in particular the prescription of anti-tumour drugs (hormone therapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapies, targeted treatments).


Immunotherapies are given in oncological diseases but also in other pathologies (digestive, dermatological, rheumatic...) requiring a specific immunomodulatory treatment.

We offer the entire spectrum of modern immunotherapy. 


We diagnose and treat various blood diseases (hemoproliferative diseases, anaemia, coagulation disorders, iron overload, etc.).

Palliative care

Quality of life is essential throughout the course of the disease, but particularly at the end of life.

Only a comprehensive and individualised care can fulfill the needs of the patient and his relatives.

We therefore accompany our patients and their relatives with a holistic palliative medical approach, providing care in the final phase of their lives.

Internal medicine 

Internal medicine is characterised by a holistic approach based on an in-depth knowledge of the various organs/systems and their multiple interactions.

We cover the entire spectrum of internal medicine and treat you based on the latest scientific data.  

We also carry out vaccinations recommended by professional societies and the vaccination commission.


Nowadays, HIV virus and the accompanied complications can be well-controlled because of numerous pharmacological advances over the last decade.

Hence, the treatment of HIV requires routinely monitoring.


We are well-experienced in managing and monitoring antiretroviral
therapies and the treatment of people living with HIV.

We control your therapy by continuously monitoring its success through a
regular determination of viral load and CD4 cells (helper cells).

Please call us or send us an email, to book an appointment with your oncologists in Ettelbruck. 

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